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MYDM Side Hustles: McKenzie Renae Wants to Inspire Women to be Beautifully Themselves

What is What inspired you to start blogging about fashion and beauty trends? is a lifestyle brand focusing on beauty, fashion, and self reflection. It all started back in college at Hampton University when I was pursing a career in makeup artistry. I started my own makeup business called "Mak Does My Makeup" where I did all the girls makeup before all the big parties and events. Friends and clients would often have similar makeup and skin care concerns so I thought the best way to address them would be on a blog platform so I wouldn't have to repeat myself so many times. Ha! Everything started to evolve from there as I pieced together the direction I wanted to take the brand. What’s one major thing you’ve learned about women, their hopes and dreams when it comes to beauty and/or fashion? I've learned most women go through or are currently going through very similar trials and tribulations. Sometimes it takes a few brave ones to speak out about it to let other women know they aren't alone. There's so much pressure with social media to look your best at any given moment, and often times women can exhaust themselves trying to appear "perfect" and "together" all of the time. I like to use my platform to let women know that they are dope the way God made them, and they should strive to be themselves and not a second rate version of anyone else.

How has blogging about beauty and fashion folded into your larger career trajectory? Where do you expect it to take you? Everything that I've done up until now; being a makeup artist, Beauty Editor for Rolling Out Magazine, and maintaining my personal blog; has led me to where I am today. I'm in a transitionary point in my life to where I want to inspire women to be comfortable being them, in whatever ways I can offer that kind of encouragement. I don't know where my journey is taking me right now, but I'm preparing myself to be ready when that next game changing opportunity comes along. What is the most important thing you can attribute the success of your “side hustle” to? The influence I have on making a difference in other women's lives. Whether that means they walked away with more self confidence or the motivation to start up their own side hustle. I love the positive effect I've been able to have on other women. There's no greater feeling than receiving a personal email or direct message from someone letting you know how you touched their life. It's something that both motivates and encourages me to keep going. My blog and social media platforms have really expanded my reach as far as who I'm connected to and who I can share my message and testimony with. Where can people go to learn more about your side hustle?

They can go straight to the blog source at All of my social media channels are the same, so come connect with me on Instagram at @McKenzie_Renae, Snapchat @McKenzieRenae, Twitter @McKenzie and YouTube @McKenzieRenae!

MYDM Side Hustles feature millennial entrepreneurs to showcase how they're using their work or business to grow their career and their pockets. Want to be featured? Send us a note at

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