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Manage Your Damn Money is the franchised alternative in financial education-entertainment. With attitude, urgency and creative flare, we inspire the conversation to move viewers and friends to discuss and improve upon their personal finances and their understanding of the fiscal world.
Our goal is to inspire the day-to-day conversations we have about money, and to do so in a way that connects bullet-point financial advice to your everyday lives. We do this through stories, both real and imagined, to help lower the hurdle of intimidation most face when embarking on their journey toward financial empowerment.

Ben Carter

At 23-years-old, Ben Carter realized too few of his generational counterparts care about his favorite topic, money. Investing since age 20, teenaged Ben once kept the same $50 bill for two years. He'd still have it today if it were not for his father taking it out of the money jar and using it for gas money.

Ben is poised to show those of us in urban, quarter-life crisis how to manage and grow money for the future. Through interviews with money professionals and talented artists, Ben Carter plans to lead a generation to financial literacy and confidence.



Wil Harris

Wil Harris is the visual genius behind Manage Your Damn Money. He makes our ish look pretty on camera and in the editing booth. As the co-creator and executive producer at MYDM, Wil brings the power and purpose of MYDM to life. 

Having led the life of the "starving artist", Wil is dedicated to showcasing the stories of MYDM's guests and artists the best way he knows how.




Malcolm Ethridge, CFP, CRPC

Malcolm Ethridge is a licensed financial advisor, Certified Financial Planner and Executive Vice President at a Washington DC-based wealth management firm. He focuses on serving the complete financial needs of individuals and small business owners. His areas of expertise include investment portfolio development, retirement planning, and insurance. Malcolm helps bring clarity to some of the most complex financial situations.


Malcolm serves as the very comedic "other half" and co-host of Manage Your Damn Money with Ben & Malcolm.



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