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  • Ben Carter

Five Reasons Sasha Obama Tried to Give to Avoid Busing Tables in Martha's Vineyard

Yesterday, TMZ broke news that Sasha Obama is currently working, taking orders and busing tables at a Martha’s Vineyard seafood restaurant called Nancy’s.

Everyone who follows the First Family knows a key desire of both President Obama and (especially) First Lady Michelle Obama was to keep things as normal as possible for their kids as they blazed their path as the 44th Family-In-Chief. A hefty order, it seems they’re succeeding, ensuring their youngest daughter was entitled to the same Summer-16 experience most kids her age are having, working a job that requires interaction with snobby customers, repetitive tasks and leaving your place of employment smelling like you’ve been sitting in a vat of cooking oil full of old fish parts.

The most hilarious part of this story is Sasha was apparently sent to work one week ahead of the family's Martha’s Vineyard vacation. Can you imagine that conversation?

Michelle — “Look. You’re 15 now, so you have to go work at Nancy’s in Martha’s Vineyard for a week.”

Sasha — “But I thought we were going on vacation?…”

Michelle — “Yes. We are… But you are going a week ahead of us to work at Nancy’s. We’ll start our vacation after you finish your stint.”

Sasha — “Nancy’s? But… But…”

Barack — "Don't But... Work."

Having Michelle and Barack as parents, I’m not sure how much discussion there really was, but here are five reasons Sasha should have given her parents, as to why she shouldn’t have to work at Nancy’s:

  1. “But Malia was doing that dance you asked her not to do at Lollapalooza… Why am I getting punished with working? Isn’t she the one going to college? Doesn’t she need money for books or pizza or something?”

  2. “That’s fine, but don’t be mad at me when I’m walking around the villa a week later and you find yourself craving Grandma's fried catfish everyday.”

  3. “But what if Hillary Clinton comes in for a campaign stop? I’m worried she’ll be mad I didn’t respond that email she sent a couple years ago...”

  4. “But what if Donald Trump walks in for a campaign stop? I’m not sure I can 'go high' in that scenario.”

  5. “Isn’t dad getting $200,000 a year after he [*using air quotes*] retires? Can’t he just give me some chores to do around the house and then write me a check?”

Do you think it’s valuable for the First Family to have their 15-year-old work a summer job?

Ben Carter is the Host of Manage Your Damn Money, Creative Director at MYDM Creative and author of Fictitious Financial Fairytale: A Completely Untrue Story About Money, Friends and Moscow Mules.

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