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MYDM to Host Next Event in Money Music Night Series, The Life Cycle of Wealth Building

-- For Immediate Release --

April 18, 2016

Washington, DC – MYDM, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Rho Mu Omega Chapter and Hamiltonian Artists are proud to announce Money Music Night: Business & Money Management for Creative Entrepreneurs, scheduled to take place Thursday, April 21 at Hamiltonian Gallery in Washington, DC at 6:30 pm. This free engagement will showcase a panel featuring musical performances, creative graphic design presentations and discussion about how Washington, DC's creative and entrepreneur community can better grasp the business and financial management aspects of their work.

“Translating one's creative work into an effective entrepreneurial endeavor can be a minefield of confusion and uncertainty ," said MYDM CEO Ben Carter. "Our goal for this iteration of Money Music Night is to offer insight into steps creatives and entrepreneurs can take to increase the likelihood of their ability to turn a profit and expose them to the experiences of other creative entrepreneurs who are making money and making it work."

MYDM's Money Music Night will feature Washington, DC based performing artist Justin Trawick, founder of Cherry Blossom Creative, Torie Partridge and financial management professional Malcolm Ethridge. Panelists will share their perspective on pursuing work as an entrepreneur as well as strategies to improve their financial standing as a small business person. The collective attendance of previous events exceeds 110 people.

"We're excited about hosting another installment of the Money Music Night," said Carter. "We're especially thankful to our event partners who are investing their time and energy into this event and see its value in impacting the conversations we all should be having about money."

To register for MYDM's Money Music Night, click here. For questions, email


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