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MYDM Named As Finalist, Calls for Votes to Win Television Series Competition

-- For Immediate Release --

February 15, 2014

Washington, DC – Manage Your Damn Money, LLC is proud to announce being named as one of nine finalists in the "My Big Show" competition. MYDM friends, fans and supporters will now have the chance to vote to help Manage Your Damn Money win rights to produce a brand new television series for Howard University's PBS affiliate station, WHUT-TV in Washington, DC.

"We're incredibly thrilled to have made it to the final round of the competition and we're confident we can pull out a win with the support of our friends, fans and supporters," said CEO, Ben Carter. "Money touches each and every one of us almost each and every day of our lives and we believe it's time to start giving the subject the attention and treatment it deserves."

Voting opened the evening of Friday, February 13 and will run until Saturday, February 28. Voters will only be able to place one vote per internet connection. Secondary votes can only be made from an alternative internet connection or WiFi signal. The pitch entry with the most votes at the close of the voting sessions will be given greatest weight in final decision-making of the station.

"I encourage those who know and love us to get on their phones, laptops and iPads to help push us one step closer taking MYDM to the next level," said Carter. "We've made a lot of progress in changing the way we talk about money and a show on PBS would help us move even closer to that goal."

To vote for Manage Your Damn Money, click here and click on the bar labeled "Manage Your Damn Money".


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