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  • MYDM's Online Web Series Called "Most Expensivist Sh*t" is Awesome

Written by Ben Carter

In talking about and promoting Manage Your Damn Money, LLC, we sometimes come across critiques of our show and company name.

People wonder if using profanity in the title of our show and company is wise or is even offensive. The jury is still out on whether we are smart for the name or great fools, but it's comforting to know we have been joined by in producing shows that cover money which also happen to have profane language in the title.

If you ask us, we think GQ's profane is way worse than our profane, but that's neither here or nor there when it comes to the comedic and interesting offering that is "Most Expensivist Sh*t".

Hosted by 6' 7' tall rapper 2 Chainz, "Most Expensivist Shit" explores some of the most expensive items available in luxury living. From a $295 Japanese beef burger with quail egg and caviar on top to a pair of headphones from the 90s that now carry an estimated value of over $30,000, "Most Expensivist Sh*t" is an incredible look at things available in this world that should never be considered as helping one to manage their damn money.

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