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Manage Your Damn Money Concludes First Full Season

-- For Immediate Release --

September 17, 2014

Washington, DC – Manage Your Damn Money (MYDM) is proud to have completed its first full season, releasing over one dozen episodes of interviews with money professionals, artists and musicians. MYDM has reached over 4500 people online.

“We’re pleased with the incredible response we’ve received so far,” said MYDM CEO, Ben Carter. “People who’ve seen the show say MYDM puts an impressive and innovative spin on how we talk about personal finances and issues related to money.”

MYDM has released a total of 14 episodes since launching on Tax Day earlier this year. MYDM was filmed in various locations in Washington, DC including U Street’s Hamiltonian Art Gallery, the Navy Yard and Freedom Plaza. MYDM focuses on using pop-culture, comedy and everyday life to illustrate the best, worst and in-between ways people approach personal finance management to help readers and viewers develop a better compass for their own financial matters.

“Our goal is to continue to get the word out about Manage Your Damn Money and to expose the Millennial generation to a personal finance brand that speaks their language,” said Carter. “Understanding personal finances and ways to grow money are extremely important in developing the fiscal underpinnings of communities. We’re dedicated to creating innovative ways of talking about a subject that is typically seen as boring, complicated and uninteresting.”

Manage Your Damn Money episode can be viewed on its website at!episodes/cewq.

See official press release here.


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