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CNN Money On A School For "Green"... Meaning Marijuana

The President of the United States has smoked it and admitted inhaling was indeed the point. Two states have legalized it for recreational use and more are considering putting it on their state ballots. It seems America is fast becoming "okay" with marijuana, also known by its nickanmes of pot, weed and Mary Jane.

With all the discussion about the legalization of marijuana in America, it's important to consider the personal finance implications of its happening. Where there is a new industry, there is new money to be earned, invested and saved, and you can bet the growing marijuana industry will be no different.

Senior writer Blake Ellis covers just one area of the soon-to-pop industry of "weed-education". It's a story that surely should get you thinking ahead to the day when parents proudly share that their child just graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Marijuana Studies.

Read the entire story here!

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