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What Would You Pay for a Yonce/Jay-Z Concert?

Written by Ben Carter

It was made clear today, the much rumored concert series with music power couple Beyonce Knowles Carter and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter have announced their “On the Run Tour”. The concert series, scheduled to begin in late June, has 16 dates announced. Concerts will be held in venues all across the country; everywhere from my hometown of Pasadena, California in the Rose Bowl to Rogers Centre in Ontario, Canada.

Tickets do not appear to be on sale (as of 11:35 am EST). So allow me to engage in some completely unfounded and ridiculous speculation about what you could spend to have Yonce all on your mouth like liquor.

For the purposes of this unfounded speculation, let’s assume your goal is to buy one ticket to bless yourself with this amazing, live musical experience. Going to a concert alone isn’t that bad. I did it once to cross “Usher Live” off my bucket list.

If you are able to get tickets through, let’s assume you will spend at least $217, including taxes, for the worst seat in the house. There are only 16 concerts available and the United States is a large portion of geographical mass. So let’s assume the average person has to travel at least 100 miles to reach whatever venue they decide to buy a ticket for. We’ll set aside $150 for the costs of travel, be it by plane, car or donkey.

We are now at $367. Not too bad considering we are getting two amazing artists at once. I might even consider paying this. But it won’t happen this way for everyone.

Let’s now assume you weren’t able to get a ticket from your selected venue on The news is now reporting tickets sold out in a record 1 minute and 34 seconds. You’re out of luck. But wait… There is this thing called! It’s a website where people can resell tickets they don’t want to use. Let’s assume 25% of the tickets sold to your venue of choice will be resold at at least a 200% markup. So now, our ticket price on has risen to $434. You still have your $150 for travel. Beyonce and Jay-Z will now cost you $584.

Of course, you must buy food and drink on your way to and while inside of the concert. Let’s be conservative because you’re not hungry or very thirsty that day and say you will spend no more than $50. We are up to $634 in costs.

So basically, one ticket to see the “On the Run Tour” this summer will cost you no less than $634. We suggest you leave your friends and significant others out of the equation.

How much money are you willing to fork out for your "On the Run Tour" experience?

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